The Parrots on Holiday

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You are responsible for ensuring that your parrots receive proper care, even when you are away.

Before you acquire parrots, you should therefore talk to friends and family about help with holiday passports. You must inform the person who will look after the parrots about routines for feeding, cleaning and airing periods. You should also inform which vet you use. A solitary bird should not be left alone at home, but looked after by someone who can keep it company for most of the day.

Parrots can be in the car, for example on domestic cabin and camping trips, but most birds would probably prefer not to be transported with the lifting of cages, changing temperatures and lack of rest. A bird to be transported should not be transported in its usual cage, as it can easily be injured if it flops around. A smaller transport cage intended for birds may make sense during transport. If the cage is a little dark, the bird settles down more easily.

During the journey and at the resort, the birds should not be exposed to drafts, high temperatures or a lot of noise and disturbance. The birds need a large cage that protects them from children, dogs, cats and birds of prey at the holiday destination. Building an aviary at the cottage can be a good solution.

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