What You Should Think About – Before You Get a Guinea Pig

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Guinea pigs are social animals that should be kept in pairs or in groups. Two guinea pigs of the same sex usually get along well, regardless of whether they are female or male.

This applies especially if they are siblings who have grown up together or if the age difference between them is large. Males do not need to be neutered to mate with other males. Castration will also not help the problem if two males do not get along.

Unfamiliar guinea pigs should first be met in a place none of them know before. Until the animals have become accustomed to each other, they should not be together without supervision. There may be jostling until the rank is determined. Guinea pigs have different personalities and it happens that two guinea pigs do not get along. If they fight, they must be separated. You can also keep guinea pigs together in larger groups, but you should not put more than one male with females.

Males that mate with females should be neutered to avoid constant litters. Guinea pigs should not be kept together with rabbits. Rabbits can, among other things, infect guinea pigs with respiratory diseases and injure them with their powerful hind legs.

When you buy a guinea pig, you should check that it has no discharge from its nose, eyes, ears or mouth. The fur must be shiny and dense, and not soiled with faeces or urine. The stool should be firm, without signs of diarrhoea. A guinea pig must be in good condition. If the spine is clearly felt when you stroke the animal’s back, it is too lean. Breathing should be regular and silent. A guinea pig is weaned from its mother at four weeks of age. The cub should weigh at least 300 grams before it is separated from its mother.

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